About Us

What is the great way to travel like a local?

Apart from tasting local cuisines, meeting with local people, and immersing into local culture, we believe that local transportation provides an authentic way for travelers to move around like the locals do. But in the real world, local transportation have been increasingly disconnected with travelers and commuters. Take Thailand’s iconic Tuk Tuk for instance, many visitors would love to try the the 3 wheel ride, but a growing precaution about Tuk Tuk scams and unsafe drive have put world travelers away from Tuk Tuk. As a result, Tuk Tuk have become less and less popular, and the drivers were left with no choice but to go into another scam to raise their income – a vicious cycle as we call.

SMILING TUK TUK™ is here to solve such problem. We are a social enterprise aiming to reconnect travelers with safe and reliable Tuk Tuk and other local transports. Through our unique tours and services, travelers will experience authenticity and charms of Thailand through local eyes, and local transport drivers will benefit from new source of income – via travels.

Our Model

We work closely with local transport drivers to improve their ability. We train them to communicate well, including the improvement of their English skills. We train them about different cultures and values and how to get engage with world travelers. We cooperate with them on the safety standards. We develop innovative travel packages focusing on unique local experiences and local rides are only mode of transportation on our tours and activities. While many of our tours incorporate major sites as to serve what world travelers are looking for, we also incorporate local activities not otherwise include in most mainstream travel products.

Our Goals

Apart from our financial goals to develop a sustainable business, we are very serious about our social goals, including the followings.

  • Provide new source of income to local transport drivers. Our track records from participating drivers reveal 50% increase in their daily income so far!
  • Provide a unique experience for world travelers to see Thailand in authentic perspective.
  • Use local transports as a mean for connection world travelers with local communities, hence we also provide new source of income to local communities.
  • Improve the service quality and physical quality of local transports and allows world travelers to experience safe and reliable local transports.
  • Finally, we want to improve the reputation of local travel in Thailand and reduce scams!


Smiling Tuk Tuk is social venture, and is a part of Navatas Hospitality Co.,Ltd. Navatas is bounded and licensed travel operator in Thailand. We are one of the leaders in local tourism in Thailand. Our sister brands include Bangkok Food Tour, the first and most-awarded food tour operators in Thailand. Navatas is an experience-based, innovative travel company providing innovative solutions and innovative travel products with its goal to improve the quality and reputation of Thai tourism industry as a whole.

Why Travel with us?

Why Choose Us

Safe, reliable and fun local rides

We work hands in hands with local transport drivers to enhance their capacity to be more engaging with travelers and providing a safe ride. All local transport drivers are registered and continually trained with us – from how to drive safely to how to speak a better English.
Why Choose Us

Licensed and friendly tour guide

Our professional tour guides are all officially licensed. They are guru of Thai culture, Thai history, Thai tradition, Thai food and more. Working with their strong passion to improve local travel experience, you can be assured that it will feel like you have a local friend taking you to experience Thailand through local eyes.
Why Choose Us

Unique tours and experience

Smiling Tuk Tuk is a team of local travel experts who won numerous of awards, including Best Travel Program by Tourism Authority of Thailand. All Smiling Tuk Tuk tours and events are original and uniquely crafted.
Why Choose Us

Support local community

As a responsible travel operator, we connect travelers with local communities through local transportations. Unlike large transportation such as a tour bus or a big van, small local rides can give us an advantage to get access to local neighborhoods since many roads and pathways leading us to the neighborhood are rather small and narrow. With a fleet of local rides, we can get you inside the area and witness the way of life of local people.

Travel Responsibly

Smiling Tuk Tuk is a social venture and we are here to solve big social problems. Therefore, responsible tourism is key to our success and sustainability. Our tours and activities are designed to minimize environmental impact and sustain local economy. The followings are some practices we are committed ourselves to.

  • We are fully-accredited and licensed tour operator. We only use licensed tour guides who are passionate about local travel in Thailand.
  • Our partners are local transport drivers, local businesses, and local people. By supporting local entrepreneurs, we help generate new source of income and contribute to sustainable growth of local economy.
  • Each tour is developed on in-depth research of local neighborhoods. Our aim is to shy away from interrupting local community’s way of life. In contrast, we want our customers to get full experience of real local life.
  • No hidden cost on our tours. Our tours are 100% hassle-free. We state our price clearly as well as what are included in each tour. We hate scam as much as you do. Our tour guides and local drivers are committed to our codes of conduct. You will never be forced to pay extra.
  • Smiling Tuk Tuk and Navatas Hospitality Co.,Ltd is 100% owned by Thais and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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