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5 Affordable Boutique Hotels in Bangkok

Post Date : Jun 8, 2018 | Author: Admin

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Best 5 Affordable Boutique Hotels in Bangkok

When it comes to places to stay in Bangkok, sometimes you don’t only need comfort but also unique experience that you enjoy and talk about after. Popping up like mushrooms among luxurious chain hotels are a number of small boutique hotels. With unique décor, unusual design concepts, themed rooms, and impressive stories, boutique hotels in Bangkok never run out of elements to surprise you. Here are the 5 of them that we think are the coolest, yet affordable for mid-range travelers. Their locations, though not easily accessed by Bangkok’s rapid transit systems, are very special as they’re in the heart of local and historical communities.

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#1 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

Shanghai Mansion

#1 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok - Shanghai Mansion

The hotel that its name gives away its location. Yet, you don’t expect to find Shanghai Mansion in the bustling and gritty neighborhood of Chinatown. Walking past the glass door, you leave the hectic Bangkok behind and enter the world of tranquil, romantic, and sensual Shanghai’s 30s era set in a retrofitted 70-year-old building. In colorful rooms with atmospheric lanterns among other Chinese decors, it’s easy to feel like a Chinese emperor/press on a summer palace holiday. Another point we love about this hotel is extensive freebies like welcome drinks, minibar items, scheduled tuk tuk service to major attractions, and wi-fi. The quality Red Rose restaurant and a stylish lounge for drinks and jazz are on-site.

Our Favorite Room: A Mei Hua Superior room features a contemporary and vibrant décor. The 4-post bed has intricately carved details hung with sumptuous linens. Classic furnitures and colorful patterns in this spacious room resonate Mei Hua which means ‘plum blossom’ in Chinese.

Location: Located in the on the main road in Chinatown, it’s ideal for those who want to experience Bangkok’s famous street food. It’s a short travel to Old City Bangkok’s attractions like the Grand Palace and Wat Pho.



#2 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

Inn a Day

#2 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok - Inn a Day

One of the most romantic neighborhoods in Bangkok is the riverside. And nowhere surpasses any places you can sleep with a view of illuminated Wat Arun. The strip of about 300 meters across the river from Wat Arun is home to at least 5 hotels with that view. But we’ve decided to feature the newest member in the turf, Inn A Day because it’s the most fun. This funky and chic hotel is themed after the during-the-day o’clocks and places in the ancient neighborhood it’s located in. You can stay in the Salon, the School, or the Restaurant, where sunny-side up eggs in frying pans are hung above your head. 3 themed colors apply to 3 different time of the day. For example, the 5PM Room features orange color which represents dusk.

Our Favorite Room: To get the Wat Arun view, stay in the 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5PM Room. They all have balconies. The 1PM (Restaurant) Room and the 3PM (Tailor) Room are more spacious and most affordable on the river view range. If you don’t mind splurging, choose the 4PM (Honeymoon) Room with a bathtub.

Location: Best location to access Old City Bangkok’s favorite attractions. The hotel itself is next to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace.



#3 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

Loy La Long

#3 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok - Loy La Long

Loy La Long is a cozy and arty 2-storey wooden house right on the Chao Phraya river. It’s on a temple’s ground and you need to access it via the temple complex’s entrance (which is really cool.) The 30 year-old house is pretty with small lush gardens. Since it offers only 7 guest rooms, you can’t feel more like staying in a home of a friend. The verandas on both floors look out at the river. You can’t find a more perfect place to relax, watch boats and clumps of water hyacinth going by, and sunsets. The rooms have different themed colors. All are stylishly decorated.

Our Favorite Rooms: The Blue Room on the second floor has large window panes on two sides, proving a wide angle view of the river. You also got a private balcony. It’s smaller than the Green Room on the 1st floor which is more romantic and got a retro-style bathtub in the lotus-pond themed bathroom. The Green Room doesn’t have a private balcony but you can hang out on the public veranda. Better for socializing any way.

Location: On the ground of Pathumkongka Temple in Chinatown. 2.1 km to Pak Klong Talad Flower Market and 2.5 km to the Grand Palace.



#4 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

Bangkok Tree House

#4 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok - Bangkok Tree House

Tucked away in the very green neighborhood of Bangkok nicknamed the City’s Lung, Bangkok Tree House is a truly green hotel. The hotel is pretty much built with wood and bamboos. There is plenty of glass to let natural lights in. Since it employs the green policy, there are a few things you might want to cross check if you’re right for it. For example, it’s smoking free. The hotel has only 4 permanent rooms, one of which you sleep outdoor and under the sky. The solar kitchen cooks organic home-grown ingredients and practices no-waste policies. Moreover, all laundry are sun dried. It is also dog-friendly, so good news for people who bring pets on holiday.

Our Favorite Room: We love The “View with a Room” which is a bamboo and wooden platformed perched 7 meters high and overlooking tops of palm trees. Here, you sleep under a starry sky and are protected by a mosquito net. Coming with the room is 24/7 free homemade fruit ice cream!

Location: The hotel overlooks palm trees and dense vegetation in Bang Krachao district in the southern part of Bangkok. It’s known as a quiet and the most green neighborhood in the city, and is a popular bicycle destination for Bangkok weekenders. The only way to get to the hotel is by foot, bike or boat across Chao Phraya River. It’s a truly a secret hideaway!



#5 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok

The Bhuthorn Old Town Bangkok

#5 Affordable Boutique Hotel in Bangkok - The Bhuthorn Old Town Bangkok

This charming century-old shophouse was once a small royal residence and offers unspoiled rustic luxury belonging properly to the bygone era. Antique furniture and use of Thai fabric with accents of personal household items of the former owners create a colonial atmosphere while maintaining guests’ utmost comfort. The hotel only offers 3 suites, each decorated in their own individual characteristics.

Our Favorite Room: We love the master bedroom on the upper floor, Bhuthorn. It is spacious and is themed in white and blue. The antique 5.5′ 4-post bed is comfortable, from which you have a garden view.

Location: in the heart of Samphraeng, the historical neighborhood known for rows of beautiful restored 200-year-old shophouses. Plenty of generation-old eateries and hip cafes in the neighborhood. All of the Old City Bangkok’s attractions are within walking distance.


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