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Places to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok

Post Date : Mar 14, 2018 | Author: Admin

Top Places to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok - Smiling Tuk Tuk


There are 2 reasons you should shop for Thai souvenirs in Bangkok. First, if Bangkok is your last stop before heading out of Thailand or heading home, you don’t have to carry loads of things with you during your holiday. Second, any souvenirs you want to buy upcountry like in Chiang Mai or in Southern Thailand, you can probably find them in Bangkok too. Now, where and what to buy? Take a look at our guide to places selling souvenirs in Bangkok and Thai souvenirs to impress your homies here.

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#1 Place to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market - Smiling Tuk Tuk

Chatuchak Market

The biggest
weekend market in Bangkok, Chatuchak tops every traveller’s list of places to shop for Thai souvenirs in the city. With over 15,000 stalls and diverse collections, you can literally shop till you drop. You can find any souvenirs you want here but note that they are not the best bargain rates. First timers might find navigating the market a mission impossible. But actually, there is a rough system to this chaos: the main walkway encircles the market which is divided into 27 sections. In each section, alleyways are called ‘soi’ and so there’re soi 1,2,3, and so on.

And you may think or wish one section offers ‘just’ one category of merchandise, it doesn’t. The same category of goods will appear again in other sections. However, much of merchandise of tourists’ interest such as handicrafts and antiques are in Section 7-9 and 22-26. Check to get ideas of where each category of merchandise is located. Or else, just allow yourself to get lost in the market and enjoy discovering your potential souvenirs at every corner. One note if you want to buy antiques, several vendors claim to sell genuine products but they might not do.


Opens on Saturdays and Sundays, 9am – 6pm, and Fridays 6pm – midnight
Mochit BTS Skytrain, Chatuchak Park BTS Skytrain, and Kamphaeng Phet MRT Subway, all at Exit 1



#2 Place to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok

Night Markets


One of the most popular activities
for Bangkokians and travelers in the city, night markets offer various kinds of cute and unique souvenirs to take home. You won’t find much antique and traditional Thai merchandise at these markets, and not cliché items like keychains and magnets either. Instead, expect handmade and homemade fashion, home décor, vintage items, and knickknacks.

If you plan to go to Chatuchak Market, make sure to stay in the area until night falls when the nearby JJ Green opens. Many stalls offer vintage items you can’t find anywhere else, be it clothes, toys, biker’s accessories, and accessories. Check out Dokkaew Terrarium who does beautiful bottle gardens. (If you want to buy one, check if live plants on the airplane are allowed.


Train Market Ratchada - Smiling Tuk Tuk

Train Market Ratchada

Talad Rod Fai (Train Market) both in Srinakarin and in Ratchada are also good places to pick up souvenirs and eat various types of street food. If you’re a retro fan, these markets are the best places to be. You’ll love browsing for vintage clothes, sunglasses, second hand shoes, old cameras, household wares, old electronics, signs and all kinds of collectibles. At the Srinakarin branch, try Katangthong for chic handmade fashion.


Last but not least, Noen Market. Many items on sale here are similar to those available at other night markets in the city, such as street fashion, accessories, homewares, and electronics. But there are also products common at stalls around Khao San Road too, like ‘same same but different’ T-shirts.


JJ Green Talad Rod Fai (Train Market) Srinakarin
6pm – 1am, Thursday – Sunday 5pm – 1am, Thursday – Sunday
Mochit BTS or Chatuchak MRT and walk up Kamphaeng Phet Road. The market is located inside Chatuchak Park. From the train stations, just follow the crowd. The closest BTS station in On Nut, then a taxi
Talad Rod Fai (Train Market) Ratchada Neon Market
5pm – 1am, every day 4pm – midnight, every day
Thailand Cultural Center MRT Subway, Exit 3 Ratchathewi BTS Skytrain Exit 3, then a taxi. The market is on Petchaburi Road, between soi 23 and 29.




#3 Place to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok

Wet Markets


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If you love cooking Thai food or have homies who do, a Thai wet market will offer you great souvenirs to bring home. Wet markets are also a must if you want to learn about Thai culture, see authentic local ways of life, and learn about Thai spices and herbs that go into your Thai meals. Wet markets can be found in any communities. Usually, a community has one of its own. But if you want to pick up items which are well-packed and ready to be taken on an airplane, go to Or Tor Kor Market. The vendors sell items like dried fruits, spices, and curry powder in vacuum sealed bags.


Or Tor Kor Market - Smiling Tuk Tuk

Or Tor Kor Market

If you can’t go to a wet market, a grocery store is an alternative. Same merchandises in wet markets are available in grocery stores. Prices are not different. The only thing you will miss is strong smells from food and noises from vendors. Grocery stores also offer a great selection of packaged dried food as souvenirs. Any shopping malls have grocery stores, usually on the ground floor. Try Gourmet at the Siam Paragon and at the Emporium mall. One tip about coconut oil (both for oral and body uses), prices are better at a grocery store compared to a health or spa shop.


Or Tor Kor Market

8am – 6pm, every day
Kamphaeng Phet MRT Subway Station, Exit 3




#4 Place to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok

Jim Thomson Factory Outlet


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Buying silk as a souvenir in Thailand might sound like a cliché. Still, the quality and the beauty of Thai silk makes it a very valuable and impressive gift. There’re several famous Thai silk brands and one of the most popular is Jim Thompson. You may visit Thompson House Museum in Siam, a business district in the heart of the Bangkok. But the prices are a bit discouraging. Jim Thompson has many silk stores in Thailand. And of all the ones in Bangkok, The Jim Thompson Factory Outlet Store has the best selections. You’ll be happier with the price tags here compared to the ones in the House Museum. Apart from the silk, you can also browse through other souvenir items like teas, shoes, bags, accessories, and tableware at this store.

The Jim Thompson Outlet is open every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is about a five-minute walk from the BTS Skytrain station Bang Chak.


9am – 6pm, every day
Bang Chak BTS Station, Exit 1, then 5 minute walk down Sukhumvit 93




#5 Place to Shop for Thai Souvenirs in Bangkok

MBK Center


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Another legendary place to shop for Thai souvenirs in Bangkok, MBK is a frenetic mega mall with over 2,000 shops. The mall offers similar items to Chatuchak Market and the shopping street of Khao San Road. On the second floor, you can find fake watches, cosmetics, and perfumes. Be doubtful when you buy cosmetics and perfumes. They could be fake. There are a number of leather shops selling bags and shoes on this floor. Try Findig and Udom Agg for leather items. The 6th floor offers Thai souvenirs, gifts, arts and crafts. Though MBK is known to be the cheapest mall in the city, souvenirs are not that cheap here. Still, prices depend on your ability to bargain.


10am – 10pm, every day
National Stadium BTS Station, Exit 4

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