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Best 5 Tours in Bangkok that Allow You to Travel like a Local

Post Date : Nov 22, 2017 | Author: Admin

5 Tours in Bangkok to Experience the City Like a Local_poster


There are a zillion tours in Bangkok, several of which will keep you satisfied and easily fill up your time in the city. Attractions and museums alone are enough to keep you busy for days. But if you’re not a museum person, not after landmarks, or perhaps want discover them in a different way, and want to dive deeper into local culture and have more meaningful travel experience, read on our list of tours in Bangkok that allow you to see the city and its people via local perspectives.


#1 Tour in Bangkok for Local Experience

Eat Like a Local with ‘Bangkok Food Tours’

Best Tour in Bangkok #1 - Bangkok Food Tours

The first and the most original travel agency with focused expertise on Thai food and culinary culture, Bangkok Food Tours keeps foodies and just-hungry visitors around the world extremely satisfied with over 10 tours. The agency totally gets it whether you want to eat something you wouldn’t dare eating on your own, or want to discover locals’ favorite restaurants other travelers don’t know about. The tours are led by well-rounded food tour guides who are fun, insightful, know exactly what they’re talking about and beyond. The routes sometimes cover the city’s iconic attractions but most of the time take you to off-tourist-radar neighborhoods. So they’re food and places of interest combos. Sightseeings are inserted into the routes so you can have digestion breaks between bites. They have both day and evening (dinner) tours. The most popular day and night tours are Historic Bangrak Food Tasting and Culture Tour and Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk. Being one of the top tourists’ things to do in Bangkok, they’re usually fully booked, so make a plan and reserve well in advance.


MAKE THIS TOUR HAPPEN:; Tel. 095 943 9222

Address: Navatas Travel Store, Chamchuri Square Unit 227, 2nd Floor, PhayaThai Road 


#2 Tour in Bangkok for Local Experience

Get Around the City like a Local with ‘Smiling Tuk Tuk’

Best Tour in Bangkok #2 - Smiling Tuk Tuk

The recently launched travel agency which provides authentic local travel experiences in Thailand, Smiling Tuk Tuk features several Bangkok tours, most of which use local transportation as featured rides. Whether you love to get around and explore Bangkok on a Tuk Tuk (Thailand’s iconic 3-wheeler), a long-tail boat, or a motorbike, you can do it all with Smiling Tuk Tuk tours. Their rides are suitable for travelers on holidays and on work trips. The agency emphasizes on giving you authentic local travel experience and making positive impacts by helping and distributing income in local communities. Your spending goes to supporting low-income professions like Tuk Tuk, boat, and motorbike drivers and local small businesses who are the agency’s suppliers. So you’re not only having a good time but also contribute to good causes.


MAKE THIS TOUR HAPPEN:; Tel. 094 224 9259


#3 Tour in Bangkok for Local Experience

Ride like a Local with a Cycling Tour

Best Tour in Bangkok #3 - Cycling Tours

Cycling in Bangkok gives you an immersive experience as you get an immediate connection to your surroundings which doesn’t occur when traveling by other modes of transportation. In the city whose intrigues and interesting ways of life lay in crossing networks of backstreets, gliding down narrow alleys on 2 wheels is somewhat the most practical way to get around. This way, you can quickly hop from one hidden place of interest to another, zigzagging through off-beaten-track neighborhoods, quiet fruit orchards (yes, they do exist in Bangkok), secret ancient sites, and observe authentic locals’ lifestyle unaffected by tourists presence. Cycling in Bangkok doesn’t require a very high level of fitness thanks to its flat terrain. There are several professional cycling tours in Bangkok offering morning, late afternoon, and even night programs to avoid the scorching sun. Remember that seasons matter. Best months are between November and February when it doesn’t rain and the weather is pleasant.




#4 Tour in Bangkok for Local Experience

Walk like a Local with a Walking Tour

Best Tour in Bangkok #4 - Walking Tours

There are no other ways to get under Bangkok’s skin better than exploring it on your 2 feet. A vibrant city full of surprises, Bangkok can overwhelms you with smells, tastes, and tickles all of your sensory buds. With your feet, you can go everywhere and there is no limit – the ultimate advantage of walking. So, join the several city explorers, take your time to know every detail of the communities you visit and to completely take in what it has to offer! Choose from several established walking tour agencies or join organized free walking tours where you pay for your transportation and food if there are any, and may tip the guide.



  • SiamRise Travel offers cultural walking tours as the local touch of Thailand to travellers through responsible tourism based on the culture and local lifestyle of THAILAND’s communities.

  • Airotour, which operates around the world and has a branch in Bangkok, offers an evening walking tour. Reserving your spot on their website, you’ll be charged a small booking fee of 2.50EUR.

  • Expique currently offers 5 enjoyable walking tours. Try Diversity and Harmony walking tour which brings you to backstreets of Thonburi and rustic charming communities. Join in tour starts at 900 THB.


#5 Tour in Bangkok for Local Experience

Take a Cooking Class to Make Thai Food like Locals Do

Best Tour in Bangkok #5 - Cooking Classes

If you enjoy eating Thai food, are looking for a way to take it home, and love spending time in a kitchen, learning how to cook your favorite Thai dishes is worth an investment of your energy and time when in Bangkok. Cooking classes allow you to learn the secrets of Thai delicacies and unique techniques used by your teacher. If you have doubts and unsure of what you’re doing, you get professional answers to your questions right away – something you certainly don’t get from a Youtube video. Several cooking classes try to give you the best local experience as long as food is concerned. For example, you can sign up to cook in a kitchen of someone’s home and even dine with your host. Or you may go to a wet market with your teachers to pick up the ingredients that will go into the pot.


  • Smiling Tuk Tuk’s Thai Cooking Class in a Garden at Sampran Riverside offers a perfect day escape from Bangkok. The cooking class takes place in a traditional Thai house located in a serene garden. A visit to an off-the-beaten-path floating market is included in the tour.

  • Bolan Restaurant serves one of the best traditional Thai food in Bangkok. An they share their secrets with people who’re genuinely interested in cooking. Classes for available both for turn-pro and novices.

  • Cooking with Poo Classes – Don’t let the funny name fool you. Poo, the founder whose name means rose apple in Thai, is a friendly chef and teaches you how to make Thai food in her own house located in the heart of Kloey Toey slum. The lady has a totally interesting life stories. She represents a remarkable model of success and positivity in an often stark and complex landscape of poverty and hardship.



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Be inspired by local experience

Smiling Tuk Tuk brings you deep into local communities, to be a part of a metropolis and villages, where you eat, sleep, travel, and cultivate meaningful intimate experiences which you want to share yet keep as secrets. Via us, you support the locals, and create positive and long-lasting impacts to the communities you visit. Our hand-picked experiences are provided by local experts and community guides.

Whether you love to try local delicacies impossible to discover on your own, to dive into insights of local culture, to pump your adrenaline with soft-adventure activities, or to spend lazy days hanging out in a floating village, we have them all designed and figured out for you.

Want to get more local experience out of your holiday in Thailand? Drop us an e-mail at to find out the tours or design one that best fit you!