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5 Underrated Floating Markets In & Around Bangkok

Post Date : Nov 24, 2017 | Author: Admin


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Visiting floating markets usually ends up in every travelers’ trip to Bangkok. While the famous ones like Dam Noen Saduak and Amphawa deliver the expected scenery and atmosphere usually seen on holiday advertising photos, there are smaller ones with less boat vendors and stalls. These ones usually have less visitors and are less hectic, meaning you can stroll more comfortably (no swimming through crowd of people) and can soak into the experience easier. Here are our 5 favorite off-the-beaten-path floating markets in and around Bangkok. Some are more of a market beside a canal yet all of them have unique charm.


Planning logistics to get to these markets can be a bit of a headache. Trying to visit even 2 on the same day has proven rather difficult despite their proximity. Smiling Tuk Tuk arranges a fun full day tour to 3 floating markets, some of which are mentioned here. Let our professional guide help you enjoy a fun local experience!


#1 Underrated Floating Market in & around Bangkok

Thaka Floating Market

Floating markets in & around Bangkok #1 - Tha Ka Floating Market


Located in Samut Songkhram province, the market is about an hour from Bangkok by car. We would say this one is the least touristy and the most genuine when it comes to a tradition Thai floating market near Bangkok. The market is about 200 meters from head to end with strips of stalls on the banks of the canal which the market sits on. The short street leading to the market also has stalls. Most of them sell souvenirs and local fresh fruits. On the canal, wooden row boats stock piles of produce, trading from lotus flowers, to palm sugar, and anything produced in the vendors’ home. Exchange of goods instead of using money still exist among these vendors who have known each other for their whole life. Several vendors turn their row boats into kitchen serving Pad Thai, oyster omelette, Vietnamese stuffed crispy omelette, noodles, and many more. The locals are super friendly and kind. Some of them may even let you taste their snacks!



  • Eat from a boat vendor. Find a spot on the steps of the bank and enjoy your breakfast (since you will be there early in the day).

  • Take a canal boat trip into a quiet residential neighborhood. Enjoy the scenery along the palm fringed canals, and visit a home where coconut palm sugar is made.

WHEN: 7am – noon, Saturday & Sunday. Busy from 9am to 11am.

WHERE: Minibus No.996 leave Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal from 3am to 7pm every 30 minutes. Get off at Samut Songkhram’s Municipal Food Market and catch another minibus (running between Tha Kha and Wat Thep Prasit) in front of Thai Military Bank. The minivan leaves every 20 minutes.


#2 Underrated Floating Market in & around Bangkok

Kwan Riam Floating Market

Floating markets in & around Bangkok #2 – Kwan Riam Floating Market

Located on the San Saeb Canal, Kwan Riam Floating Market was only opened a few years back – in 2012. Kwan and Riam are the main characters in a Thai romantic tragedy whose setting is on the canal and which gives the market its name. The display of ancient wooden row boats brings you back to early Bangkok era but otherwise the land vendors are spread over 2-floor open-air structure of dark wood and polished concrete – a rather modern sight. Anyway, it doesn’t mean the market lacks a charm. The market is surrounded by centuries-old temples where the locals go get blessed as a part of the market visit day. Among stalls of vintage curio, toys, clothes, and knick-knacks, there is plenty of food. Grilled chicken, pork skewers, Thai sausages, steamed curry fish cakes, chili pastes, and Thai sweets are the usual suspects. Cultural and dance shows start at 3pm.



  • Experience and join the Thais to give monks morning alms from 7.30am to 8am.

WHEN: 6am – 6pm, Saturday & Sunday

WHERE: Between Soi Saereethai 60 and Soi Ramkhamhaeng 187. Take the airport rail link to Ban Thap Chang Station then a taxi.


#3 Underrated Floating Market in & around Bangkok

Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market

Floating markets in & around Bangkok #3 – Klong Lat Mayom Floating Market

The first thing you’ll notice when entering this really local market is you may be one of the very few foreigners around. The market actually sits on a solid ground sided by a narrow canal which has few row vendor boats. On one side, the market is dedicated to colorful fruits and vegetables. Other stalls offer Thai snacks, sweets, Thai dishes, and seafood. But products also range to cheap clothes, cute home decoration items, toys, and women accessories. Though there is also an open-air food court where you can sit rather comfortably, diners prefer to sit at low tables on wooden stools along the banks where they can be served hot dishes from the vendor boats’ adapted kitchens. Give grilled fish (served with lots of fresh vegetables) and casseroled river prawns with glass noodles a try. After a few good hours spent here, you should also visit the nearby Taling Chan market. It’s smaller just is only a couple of kilometers away from Klong Lat Mayom.



  • Browse through the market’s fresh produce stalls and name as many exotic tropical fruits as you can. Likely there will be huge papayas, sapodillas, and massive pomelos.

  • Visit the pony and sheep stables down the road. You can pet and feed the animals. If you’re here with kids, they will love a short pony ride from the stables to the market.

WHEN: 9am – 3pm, Saturday & Sunday

WHERE: Take a taxi from Bang Wa BTS Skytrain station. The taxi should take about 15 minutes and cost about 80 THB.


#4 Underrated Floating Market in & around Bangkok

Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

Floating markets in & around Bangkok #4 – Bang Nam Phueng Floating Market

Like Kwan Riam and Klong Lat Mayom, this floating market is not traditional. It’s set up for Thais as a weekend leisure spot yet it’s still really local. There are a few entrances to the market but its path is designed to be walked in a loop. Bamboo stalls sell a wide range of random things from trendy t-shirts to potted plants. Food is abundant. Hot dishes like chicken rice, noodles, Som Tam and grilled chicken are typical. Snacks that you usually see on streets are offered in fancier packages. If you’re in search of uncommon or specialty snacks that Thais would queue up for, try Baan Kai’ sweet noodle crisp(Mee Krob Baan Kai) with a variety of flavors from traditional to different kinds of fruits. Nannapat’s coconut pancakes (Thong Muan Sod Maprao On) are made fresh before purchase. There are few food boat vendors. They sell noodles, barbecuing satay, among other things. Though they seem to be a set up and don’t actually float, they can really supplement to the rustic atmosphere.



  • The trip to the market should be combined with a fun cycling day in Bang Krachao (or the other way round) which is the forested neighborhood the market is located in. Bicycles are available are day rents at several shops around the market. It’s wise to have a whole day planned for here.

WHEN: 8am – 2pm, Saturday & Sunday

WHERE: From Bangna BTS Skytrain station, take a taxi to the pier at Wat (Temple) Bangna Nok. Take the ferry across the river. Then hire a motorbike taxi or walk to the market – distance of 2 km.


#5 Underrated Floating Market in & around Bangkok

Don Wai Floating Market

Floating markets in & around Bangkok #5 – Don Wai Floating Market

Don Wai Market has opened over a century but it only became popular among visitors (99% Thais) a few years back when several floating markets were revived to become travel attractions. The market sits on the Tha Jeen river and there aren’t wooden row boats usually seen in other floating markets. So technically, it’s a riverside market. However, the market isn’t set up for tourism. It handles the locals’ daily tasks so the atmosphere is just like any wet markets offering non-sugar-coated local ways of life. The market is truly a foodie paradise with stalls of fresh produce, prepared meals and snacks. There aren’t seating or dining areas. Most stalls offer packing food to take away. Another thing you can do is to grab your packed meal and eat on the river cruise boats, most of which have dining tables.



  • Take a Tha Jeen river boat trip. The trip leaves from the market and takes 90 minutes. There’s one temple stop halfway to feed fish.

  • If you prefer a stable ground to sit and eat, choose one of the several restaurants on the river. They have pleasant views and serve good seafood dishes.

WHEN: 7am – 6pm, daily. Busy on weekends

WHERE: Catch bus No.556 in front of Central Pinklao Shopping Mall. The bus stops in front of the market, on the opposite side of the road.


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